Exciting News from Firearms Collection Keeper

Firearms Collection Keeper Ver 2.1 has been released. The major change in Version 2.1 from 2.0 are the databases Ver 2.0 used Microsoft Access Databases and the resent changes to the Access Engine made the application unstable. Which is why we have now moved away from Access and are now using a very powerful, less limited and more efficient database architect. Here are some of the features of the upcoming version 2.1;
  • Now available in 3 Editions, Standard, Network and Law Enforcement.
  • Databases are now encrypted and locked down from use outside the Firearms Collection Keeper application.
  • Data is stroed using proprietary encryption inside of the databases.
  • Supports user authentication.
  • Unlimited storage of Firearms, Maintenance Records, Accessories.*
  • Unlimited storage of Training Records and Issued Records.* (Only available in Law Enforcement Edition)
  • Unlimited storage of Images. No limit to how many images per firearm.*
  • Backup and Restore functions also include images.
  • Export entire database (excluding images) to Microsoft Excel.
  • 15 User defined fields for information you want stored with your firearms.
  • Default State option.
  • Built in logs and log file viewer.
  • Access your data data from anywhere on your network. (NOT available in Standard Edition)
  • Add, Change or Delete Firearm Types, Bought and Current Conditions.
  • Print firearm records and/or pictures.
  • Small enough to install and run from flash drives
* Although the storage of Firearms, Maintenance, Accessories, Training, Issued and/or Images are unlimited, you must have enough available free space to support the size of the database.

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