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Standard Trial Standard Network Law Enforcement
Version Available 1.0 2.1 2.1 2.1 2.1
Trial Available      
Store Unlimited Firearms 1 max
Store Unlimited Pictures 10 max 2 max
Store Maintenace Records 2 max
Store Accessories 2 max
Track Sold Firearms  
Export Firearms ONLY to Microsoft Excel        
Print Records  
Backup & Restore Databases  
Encrypted Data  
Add Users  
Pictures Stored with Data  
Export Entire Database to Microsoft Excel*    
Print Pictures    
Password Protect Access    
Add & Change Conditions    
15 User Defined Fields    
Backup Pictures with Databases    
Auto Login    
Backup Reminder    
Access Firearms from Multiple Computers      
Track Issued Dates to Personel        
Track Training Records        
(Multi Licenses Discounts Available)
From $25.00 Free Trial From $45.00 From $125.00 From $275.00
  Not Available Available Soon Purchase Purchase Purchase

* Does not export images from database. Images must be saved from within the application directly.

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